Alex VS Hank

Hi everyone!  I’m very happy to participate!

I believe Alex said he underexposed his shots by -1, but I mostly didn’t, so my exposures dominate his a little, in some photos.

I shot my roll at the Seattle Public Library, with the exception of one shot at dim sum, where I gaffer taped the camera on a small tripod to the lazy susan.  This was an imitation of a great pinhole shot of Jana’s, a few years ago.


Here are the rest of the shots from the library.

On an upper floor, there were some small architectural models of buildings which I shot close up.  Each floor of the model was only about 4cm high.   These photos turned out great, because of the real-life buildings in the double exposure.


Here’s one where Alex’s exposure was stronger than mine, but you can still see one of the buildings in the architectural model.  Up above, you can almost see a big globe that was behind the model.Espressobuzz004

Here are a few that I shot from the top floor of the library looking out from the windows.


Here’s one I shot at floor level looking down a row of shelving:


And one of some books where its tough to tell what Alex’s shot was.  Sorry!


Here’s a zip of the files:

After this roll, I shot one at the Ballard Locks on an outing with Todd, Jana, and some others.     Todd took the opportunity to briefly borrow the camera in order to upgrade the winding knobs.   We met for brunch yesterday and I got the camera back.  I’ll be shipping it out tomorrow or Wednesday.

Just for fun, I shot a roll of Lomo Purple.   I used Pinhole Assist, but also some guesswork.  I’d guess that I didn’t underexpose.

….I just reloaded the film into the camera.  Please note that I used the little adhesive paper at the end of the roll, so when you finish it, you’ll need some tape or a rubber band when you take it out of the camera.

Thanks so much, Moni, for starting this project!









2 thoughts on “Alex VS Hank

  1. Reblogged this on Blatherskite and commented:

    I am very excited to share the latest results from the Great Transatlantic Pinhole Film Swap Project! These are Hank and Alex’s photos and they turned out great. Perhaps this will also serve as an opportunity to introduce you to the project/website and, perhaps, you will also subscribe. 🙂


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