From Barcelona to Barcelona

The Great Transatlantic Pinhole Camera made the long journey from Jesus in Barcelona to my home in Seattle just two months ago. I got a little nervous when Jesus informed me the camera had been sent in February and a month later I still hadn’t received notice of delivery.

Thank goodness luck was on our side and about a week later a USPS notice appeared on my door. I drove to the post office and picked up a square box which rattled and made a noise like a child’s toy when the post officer placed it on the table. Inside the box was the camera, a few ziploc bags filled with 3D printed goodies, a notebook (gasp!) and a big magnet about Norfolk. I added a Seattle magnet from my fridge.


I shot Jesus’ exposed roll around Seattle, during dim sum with friends, then took it on the journey with me back to Barcelona where I would meet Jesus and friends for pinhole day. I thought I was exposing the roll correctly, but as I look at the developed roll I can see that only a few were double exposed.

Here’s one from my overnight in the London borough of Hounslow.


Another image was taken at Heathrow, somewhere.


Mostly, I enjoyed peeking into the everyday things from Jesus’ day so I’m including a few more images below.




Cheers and see you online!

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2 thoughts on “From Barcelona to Barcelona

  1. Reblogged this on Blatherskite and commented:

    I am very excited to see another result from the Transatlantic Pinswap camera! This is a little project I came up with a couple of years ago. My friend, Todd Schlemmer provided the camera! We shoot a roll of film, rewind it, and then send it on to another person. They double expose the roll, shoot another roll, rewind, rinse, repeat. 🙂 check it out! It’s a bit slow going (cause it’s pinhole) but always fun to see a new post.


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