10593123_1556404127924756_6942818820965817627_n“What if a person just sent an entire camera, with film re-rolled and ready to double expose,  to another person? My Pinholga is lightweight and cheap, so if it gets lost in the mail it’s no big deal.” This is an idea Moni had after pondering film swaps and pinhole photography.  She asked Her friend Brendan if he would be interested in trying this and he was! She spent the next few weeks shooting a roll, then rewound the roll and sent it overseas to Ireland. Instead of getting the camera returned  in the mail, Brendan hand delivered it to her a couple of weeks later in Amsterdam when they met up for WPPD. It was loaded with a fresh roll that he had shot, rewound and ready to double expose – and thus another idea started to germinate (See the results from their Pinholga swap here and here). Monica was involved in the Traveling Yashica Project and it occurred to her that the little traveling Pinholga might be a good subject for a traveling camera project.

10372132_1556444471254055_6580602399781478544_nUnfortunately the Holga died quickly into the project. But we started over with a new camera! A much better camera! Todd Schlemmer is graciously donating one of his Terrapin 3d printed pinhole camera systems to the project! Behold, The Great Transatlantic Pinhole Filmswap 2.0 begins!

Click here to find out how it works and how to participate.




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